For my time, please see below

1 hour

Meet and greet

A brief meeting between the two of us.


2 hours

Getting to know each other

The time it takes to relax and settle in.


3 hour

Champagne and conversation

The night begins and so shall we.


4 hour

An elegant dinner

As we get the evening in full swing the pleasure will be all mine.


6 hour

All the above with desert 

No night is complete without the full course.


8 hour

Not your typical work hours. ;-)

Lets just play hooky and do it my way.


12 hour

Dinner, Dessert and breakfast??

When the sparks fly and we don't want the night to end


You can also choose to fly me to you! Minamum dates are 6 hours for this plus flights and a hotel for myself if a flight back isn't possible within the time frame.

For a moment with

Katherine Taylor

What would you do?

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